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My husband and I are huge buffs of #theoffice. We could literally go through life with it playing on the TV everyday. So I wanted to create a doormat for our new home that spoke to that comfort and interest. This was my first time EVER tackling a #diydoormat. Like most projects, I usually have a plan in my head and then just figure it out as I go.

Here's how I created this doormat, and what I would do differently the next time!

Main Materials:

- Blank Door Mat. I got mine from IKEA for 9.99

- Martha Stewart multi-surface acrylic paint.

- Paint brush or paint sponge

- Cricut for stencil, or you can buy letter stencils. I even found some precut stencils on amazon that have "welcome" or "hello"

- Vinyl or cardstock (use cardstock!!)

- Measuring tape...if you're OCD like me

- Varathane Spar Urethane Oil Based

How to create:

1. Create your stencil (if you bought a stencil skip this step) I used #cricut explore 2. TIP: if you have a cricut and don't see fonts you like, use this site and then just upload to cricut as an image. This is usually what I do for most of my projects. Once you find your font, figure out the size you need based on your doormat using the measuring tape. For this size doormat, I did my words with a height of 5 inches. After, assemble layout of how you want it to look and then go through the process of grouping words so they fit on the cricut board. I had to do this because I only have a 12x12 mat, but if you have the longer one you might not need to do this.

2. Using the measuring tape, place each word on your mat in the spacing you would want it. This is where I messed up! I used vinyl for the first 3 words on my mat, because honestly I didn't have enough of the right size cardstock. For me, this made the project WAY more difficult even when using contact paper. So I would HIGHLY recommend cardstock, and moving forth that is what I will use for the next mat. You can use painters tape or even small pieces of duck tape to make sure the cardstock stays in place.

3. Once the words are all set, using your paint brush or sponge brush, dab within the stencil. I found dabbing worked better than trying to do brush strokes because of the texture of the mat. After painting in each word, peel off stencil or vinyl right away. This way no paint seeps or if you accidentally bump the stencil if doesn't smear.

4. Clean up time (or what my Dad calls "cutting" when it comes to making paint jobs more precise)! Once I had all the words painted, I went back over with a brush (using the dab technique) to touch up spots that didn't go on too dark.

5. Seal it! After paint has dried, use the Varathane Spar Urethane Oil Based spray to seal the words. This spray is meant for exterior purposes such as UV protection, mold and mildew resistance, and water damage. I recommend using this on any outdoor DIY to preserve your project for a longer lifespan.

When I do this project again: I'm definitely going to use cardstock first! Also, I like the font I chose, but I will keep in mind next time to choose something that will be more clear with paint. Some fonts don't hold up well on the texture of doormats.

Thank you for reading this DIY.

With love,


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