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My father in law is a very gifted artist. He is from Cambodia, and came to the United States in the mid 70s during the Khmer Rogue Genocide. I have always had an appreciation for his art, as he is a self taught artist. His home is filled with many paintings that he created years ago.

Amongst his paintings, I have always admired this one piece of art that is actually not a painting, but an image created using the technique of pointillism (tiny dots or strokes that form an image). It is of a statue located near Angkor Wat. When we were building our house, I jokingly told my father in law that our new house would need his art. To my surprise he let us take this specific one for our new home. I wanted to find ways to bring my husband's culture into our home, so that my son has an appreciation for his Cambodian roots.

Originally this art was in a gold frame with a mat that turned yellow from the years of sun exposure. I wanted the actual art to really stand out, so I ordered a soft white mat board from Matboard and More. I originally was going to buy a new frame, but honestly the frame it was in was of very good quality and I couldn't part with it. So I just took out the art and spray painted the gold frame with Rustoleum Ultra Matte in black spray paint. And voila!

When it comes to home decor, one element I recommend is culture. It's easy to fill a home with store bought items, and things that meet your design style. My recommendation is to try to incorporate some objects that fill your home with culture and history. Whether that be something of your own culture, or a culture you appreciate, add it to your home. Not only does this make a home feel like a representation of you and your family, but it creates authenticity.

Tips on finding cultural elements:

-Ask a relative if they have a sentimental piece they are willing to part with or pass down.

-Find something on a trip that speaks to you.

-Follow a local artist of your culture and support a small business. You can find lot of art prints on sites like #etsy.

-Visit local markets, you will be surprised at how many people incorporate their culture into their business.


Thanks for reading this post, I hope you find some inspirational pieces for your home.

With love,


Art Piece by Srun M. Pa

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