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Last year we moved into a new house that had everything except…the fireplace. Living in Texas, we decided we could do without since we never used it in our old house. But one thing I miss about that old fireplace was the mantle! It was the spot where we hung up our stockings. I searched through pinterest trying to find an alternative, and I found some stands that home stores sell. I also found the wooden ladder alternative. None of those spoke to my heart, and none of them seemed to fit my needs and my home. So I decided to come up with a creative alternative to the alternatives (hahaha) and this is what I came up with.

Here is how I made this stocking stand.



•brad nailer (optional but recommended)

•miter saw or hand saw (if you don’t have these tools, you can ask your hardware store to cut in the specified dimensions)

•7/8 spade bit

•1/4 drill bit (for pre drill)

• 1.5 in x .75 in x 6ft pine board (x3)

• 5/8 in thick dowel at least 3ft

• 1 1/4 inch brad nails for nail gun (optional)

• leveler

• wood glue

• clamps

• wood stain or paint (optional)

How to:

1. Measure and cut all pieces. You’ll need to cut the pine boards into (2) 29.5 inch pieces and (2) 56 inch pieces. And cut the dowel into 34 inches.

2. For the side pieces- measure 2 inches from the top, and mark a spot for drilling the hole. Clamp to a stand or table edge, wherever you plan to drill. Using the 1/4 drill bit pre drill on marked spot. Then use the 7/8 spade bit to drill a bigger hole. This will ensure that your wood doesn’t split. Test to make sure your dowel goes in easily.

3. Assemble the sides and top piece (29.5 inch piece) first using wood glue and then brad nails (nail gun). Allow to dry properly per your wood glue instructions.

4. Next assemble the 2nd cross bar for more stability. This is the other 29.5 inch piece you cut. Install it side ways so that it doesn’t make your stockings budge out. I assembled everything on a flat surface to help me level my pieces. Using a leveler can help! Tackle the piece in between the sides with wood glue and then tack with the brad nailer.

(front view)

(top view)

5. Stain/ paint. I stained my main part Fruitwood by Minwax and painted the dowel with Rustoleum spray paint satin black.

6. After it is completely dry, take stockings and loop them onto the dowel. Place the dowel through each hole on the sides. Lean against a wall that doesn’t get much traffic. Add on some decor to match your home and voila!

Note: I cut the ends of my side pieces with my miter at a 5 degree angle. This is completely optional, but allows for more stability.

Like with all projects, here are my thoughts and answers to possible questions:

Is it completely sturdy like a ladder? no. It can wobble when moved.

Does it lean against the wall without falling? yep.

Is this a beginner friendly DIY? absolutely! This is a super easy woodworking project, especially if you have never used power tools before or if you’ve never built anything.

Can this be around small children? I personally have a 2 year old, but I placed it in a spot that doesn‘t get much traffic. I also talked to him about not touching it. It sits above his toy chest in our living room and he has yet to try to climb or touch it. But he’s also very good at not touching things when I talk to him about it (i.e plants, the christmas tree, dangerous objects). Every kid is different, so definitely use your discretion.

I hope this can inspire you to create something for those stockings!

Happy Christmas!

With love,


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