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In recent years I learned about a fancy step stool called a “learning tower”. At first I didn’t see the point, but having a toddler, now I understand. Toddlers are squirmy, they are also very curious and love learning about the world around them. Upon seeing my 24m son tip toe or even try to climb his chair to reach the counter, I decided it was time to get a learning tower!

A learning tower is a secure way to let a child be raised to counter or bar height to explore and participate in daily routines. Learning towers range from $75-$200 depending on where and what style you get. Some learning towers adjust and grow with your child and can serve as other furniture i.e a kiddie desk later. If you build from scratch, you can make one for about $50 at the lowest from what I estimated.

Originally I was going to make one from scratch, but then I found this old high chair on #facebook marketplace and creativity sprung. The frame reminded me a lot of the learning towers I see online. I decided to buy the chair, and then map out a plan to transform it into a learning tower. This project cost me $15. Here is before and after.

You may be wondering, “do we really need one?” or “what’s the point?” I feel you, I was originally asking the same thing.

Here are some ideas for using this learning tower:

•Helping with cooking and cleaning! These are life skills, if your child is interested in helping, this is a safe way for them to do so. My son loves to wipe the counters down when I am cleaning.

•Let your kid stand next to you while you’re cooking or cleaning and give him/her an activity to occupy them. My son likes to play with play dough or color. Sometimes he just likes to play with random household objects. And since he can’t run around everywhere while he’s in the learning tower, I can get some stuff done.

•It can help them reach better to brush teeth and wash hands!

•Let them eat at counter height! Sometimes my toddler sees me eating while standing at the counter, and he wants to mimic that. I let him on his learning tower eat a quick snack.

•Crafting can be easier done on a learning tower than at a table or floor! I find my son keeps his crafts on the counter in one spot than all around him on the floor.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tower, amazon and etsy have some great options! If you’d like to transform one such as the one I did, the tips on how I did that are on my instagram @to.thesimpleheart highchair highlights!

Happy learning!

With love,


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