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I decided to join the #oneroomchallenge this spring for the first time. I will be transforming our master bedroom. Here’s our blank canvas.

My plan for this space is to stay consistent with the earthy and neutral tones I’ve used around my home. But I don’t want this space to feel like the living space, I want it to feel like its own. This is the palette I have chosen that compliments the other palettes in my home:

Being on a small budget, I plan to basically transform what I already have primarily using paint. You’d be surprised at how much paint can transform a room. I also plan to change and add some lighting, bedding, and decor. Here is my mood board:

Alright, now that you have a visual, here’s my plan:

  • accent walls- I plan to do not one, but two accent walls. The first will be behind the bed (refer to picture). I will be painting about half of it Pinecone Hill by #behr (the green tone) and then adding trim above it. The 2nd wall is where the TV is, I plan to add an arch in the color Poncho by #behr with an off centered shelf that I can put plants 😏

  • furniture- our furniture is fairly new, and honestly it’s still in great condition. But the color is just too dark, light tones are what is in! Plus I want to offset the dark green wall with lighter tones, so I plan to paint our dresser and night stands the lighter color in the picture—Perfect Taupe by #behr. I also plan to change out the hardware to something more modern, and possibly add trim (huge maybe).

  • curtain & sconces- I want to install dark rose colored curtains to balance out the neutral colors in the room. I also will be adding sconces above the nightstand because 1. I hate cluttered nightstands and 2. it’ll add to the accent wall. I will be using a DIY no hardwire hack.

  • decor & bedding- this will include the addition of frames. I plan to upcycle some vases I already have, and add simple decor to our nightstands. I also want to add to our bedding new pillows, accent pillows, and a throw or new comforter.

  • mirror- the mirror in the corner will probably stay there, as it’s the only spot it fits. For now I plan to add hooks above it for my hats.

  • plants- right now we only have 1 plant in here, I’d like to add a couple more since our bedroom gets really good light.

  • ceiling fan- I want to change the ceiling fan, but haven’t found one I really like yet, and not sure if we will get to it in time for the finale.

Something I learned about the ORC is it doesn’t have to be completed on time. It‘s really just to challenge yourself. And I’m gonna be real, with a toddler things take longer than they used to, so I may not finish. But I am so happy to have you along for the journey, and hope to show you that you don’t always need a huge budget to transform your home, paint and decor can make a huge impact in your home improvement!

Happy creating!

With love,


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