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one room challenge finish line

To: The Simple Heart

The #oneroomchallenge is officially over. I didn’t exactly finish, but I completed about 75% of the room, and I’m proud of what I accomplished. Here is the before to refresh your memory:

And now after:

The goals and task I did accomplish:

•painted accent wall

•added trim & framed art

• made the actual art using my 📸 skills and creativity (details coming)

•not only painted both nightstands + large dresser, but added a modern design using trim and new hardware.

•installed curtain rod and curtains

• made a plant stand for my monstera

• installed sconces

• added nightstand decor and organized drawers

•found bedding (accent pillows took awhile)

• created arch accent wall

• sanded shelf and installed

It might not look like I did much to this room, but redesigning and properly painting furniture takes TIME. I definitely spent the most time on this part of my plan. But I love the outcome:

Still to do:

  • find and install a new ceiling fan

  • find an accent chair

  • get a side table for accent chair

  • build a plant shelf

  • decide if we want a TV or not

  • finish decor on dresser

What I thought about my first challenge:

My first experience with the One Room Challenge as a Guest Participate: Honestly, I was a getting a little over it by week 5…Having a goal is one thing, but trying to reach it amongst life was the hard part. I am a mom to a toddler, a wife, a business owner, and the only time I really got to work was evenings and weekends, in the summer time! For me summer is about family time, so it was hard for me to manage it all. I had to remind myself what I told myself in the beginning “it is okay not to finish.” What I did enjoy was meeting new DIYers! I met so many cool creatives along the way, that if I did it again, this would be the main reason. It also served as good motivation for me to keep going. Had I not had the deadline in my mind, I would not have even finished our furniture.

Ending thoughts:

Part of the reason I took on this challenge, was to show that it is very possible to transform a room with a small budget. My main goal of doing this was to give inspiration and remind you that you don’t need to get all fancy to do home improvement. If you don’t have a lot of money or experience using tools, simple transformations can come from just painting. I want to encourage you that if you’re ever wanting a new look, start with some paint! Use what you have, and stick to your personality and home style. Not every room needs to be gaudy with wall to floor decor. Find what speaks to you!

Happy creating!

With love,


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