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one room challenge II

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I decided to tackle the #oneroomchallenge again this spring! This year I will be changing my son’s nursery into his boyhood room. Even though this isn’t his original nursery (original was at our old house), it still stores so many memories. As I started to take down his decor, the memories flooded and the flood gates of tears opened. This mama is a hot mess, but I am also overjoyed at all that I have planned, and all the memories that are to come in this new season. Let me show you my canvas before I give details on my plan:

Below is my material mood board:

My son is obsessed with all things vehicles- construction vehicles, trains, monster trucks, you name it! So I came up with the theme “In the City” to mesh all of these types of vehicles together. I don't want the theme to be overbearing, so I plan to sprinkle in bits and pieces. My main focus is the color palette! My son asked for blue to be a color in his room, so I chose a calming blue since his bedroom is a place for calming down, sleeping, and reading time. I usually like to pick 2-3 secondary colors that accent the main color.

Here are the colors chosen- all by #BehrPaint

• Amber Moon

• Smoked Tan

• Offshore Mist

I made a plan to complete this room in parts. This will allow me to focus on each part of the room without getting overwhelmed. I can work at my own pace, and be on any one part for as long as I need to. Here are the parts for this room transformation and a little detail for each part.

Prelude: Remove/replace ceiling fan- I’ve already complete this prior, because his room had very poor lighting and it was hard picking the right colors. He only has a small window that lets in natural light probably for 1 hour each day, so I needed to get him a nice ceiling fan that had enough lighting. Lighting plays a huge part in paint selection, check out a tip for this on my Instagram reels!

Part 1: Accent Walls + New Curtains- I plan on making one simple DIY accent wall and an accent corner for his reading nook. I also plan on moving his curtain rod higher, and replacing the curtains with floor length curtains.

Part 2: Reading Nook- I will be installing cube shelves for his books found from Ikea, as well as a kid modular sofa, and gallery wall.

Part 3: Build A Bed- I am building his bed! I found a bed that I really loved from a fancy big brand store, but it cost $800. From the looks of it, it looks like a very basic build, so I decided to save money there and build it myself.

Part 4: Nightstand + Stuff Animal Storage- I will be taking this simple ikea nightstand and hacking it to fit his room design. And I will also be taking this crate on wheels and creating something fun for his stuffed animals.

Part 5: Traffic Light DIY- I‘m going to make a powered traffic light! I could not find any build plans for this, nor could I find any DIYer that had made one. So I drew a plan myself and can‘t wait to create this DIY from scratch.

Part 6: Decor + Personality- Finally as I mentioned above, I don't want his room to be overbearing with types of vehicles everywhere and anywhere, so I am going to sprinkle in some vehicle decor, and add personal touches that I know will speak to my son’s heart.

Part 7: Grand Reveal- blog post to follow!

I am really big on creating frugal and functional spaces that also have nice aesthetics! There are lots of ways to improve the rooms in your home, without breaking the bank or having lots of carpentry skills. For this one room challenge, my main focus is to create a room that my son will love! Everything I have planned is for him, not for me. And even though he is only 3, I’ve included him in the decision process. I asked what color he wanted, showed him color swatches, and even gave him options for what theme he would like (he said he wanted cars). I even have a small DIY planned just for him so that he is included in putting his fingerprint on his room.

Check back on my instagram for all the progress, updates, behind the scenes and more! And as always…happy creating!

With love,


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