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simple ikea desk hack

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When we moved into our home in November 2020, I knew I was going to need a long desk to do my work and projects. Searching for a desk longer than the average 50-60 inches long proved useless, as many of the ones I found were more than $200. The lower end ones didn’t have good reviews and did not match my interior style. So I found a cheaper alternative!

Here is a super simple desk hack using an ikea counter! They sell these in different stains and sizes that range from $80-200 the fancier you want. It still comes out cheaper than buying a long desk already made, and is much better quality.

Materials used:


  • Measure 3/4 inch on drill bit and wrap with a piece of painter’s tape. This will give your eyes a guide on when to stop so you don’t go through the counter. You can also do this using a drill depth stopper.

  • Flip counter top upside down. This is easier if you open the box upside down. I used a carpenter square to easily assign my leg so I could drill easier. If you don’t have a carpenter square you can measure how many inches you want your legs to be from the sides of the desk using a measuring tape and pencil. Then use a leveler to trace a line for where your peg legs will go. My measurements were 2 inches from front/back and 1.5 inches on the sides.

  • Drill your drill bit through the 3 holes on the peg legs. You can also mark with a pencil, but I just did it quickly holding the peg leg in place. Once the holes are drilled, insert the screws to secure the peg legs.

And that’s it! You have a long workspace at half the price! Hope this gives you some inspiration for a budget friendly desk DIY!

Happy building!

With love,


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