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I’m a plant lady...yep I said it. I love plants. Didn’t used to, but after I learned how to stop killing them, I couldn’t resist buying more! So naturally, I wanted to fill our new home with them. I recently started to decorate our foyer, and really wanted a plant to add some greenery. The window and window above give light, but it’s just not enough for a real plant to thrive. So I decided to search for a fake plant that I would set there. Fast forward, after my searching, I learned that faux plants aren’t cheap! They can range from $30-$150. Say what? Yeah no...I’d rather spend that kind of money on real plants. So while on my search, I went to the stem section of a craft store, and found those plant bundles. You know like the ones for fake bouquets? I looked for the “realist” fake bundle I could find, and low and behold it was the calathea.

My original plan was to just stick the bundle in some soil, and be done. But when I did that the plant actually looked more fake than when I bought it (ha ha ha). So I went to my real calathea, to see how it was rooted in the soil and that’s when this DIY hit me!

Here are the materials needed:

  • the “realist” fake plant bundle you can find

  • a planter

  • empty water bottles

  • wire cutters

  • soil (I used old soil so as not to waste my good one for my real plants), but you can even find soil at the dollar tree!

  • a plastic planter OR a styrofoam cup

  • pencil or knife

  • hand shovel if you don’t want to get too messy


  • Crush the empty bottles and place inside the pot. I used 3 for my pot. I also did this step because I didn’t want to waste soil. It’s a space filler.

  • Take your “realist” fake plant bundle and cut the stems using the wire cutters. Try to keep as much as the stem as possible. And leave the center stem intact with the top leaf (or flower).

  • Punch a hole in the center of the plastic planter or punch holes all around with pencil if you’re using a styrofoam cup.

  • Scoop some soil with your hole-y planter or cup and then flip it quickly upside down in the center of the pot on top of the water bottles. The holes should be facing top. The soil inside is so the stems don’t move around. *Make sure it does not sit above the rim of your planter. It should sit one inch below to allow for the soil to cover.

  • Place the stems in the holes, the longest stem should go in the center.

  • Fill the empty space of your pot with soil until you cover the plastic planter or cup. You can kinda mound it toward the stems to make it look more real.

  • Google an image of your plant, and mold the leaves to look similar. And voila!

Total project cost: $10...already had the planter and most materials.

But if I didn’t, I estimate this could cost well below $20. Especially if you use those craft store coupons.

A couple of people have stopped by, and I legit ask before they leave if they noticed my fake plant. And so far they haven’t even noticed (after this post they will lol).

Wishing your “realist” fake plant a long life! Happy crafting!

With love,


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